Biofab is an ASME Section VIII Division I certified fabrication shop that specializes in providing custom metal and plastic products carefully built to the requirements of our diverse range of customers. Operating continuously since 1994, Biofab prides itself on its experienced and dedicated staff of craftsmen, many of whom have been with us since our inception. At Biofab, we realize that our customer has many fabricators to select from when out-sourcing work. Our operating strategy is designed to give the customer strong reasons to select Biofab.

Smaller is Better:

Our company is designed to provide close, personal control of the work. Our staff of 25 welders and mechanics has been hand-picked for their skill and attitude. Their close interaction coupled with hands- on supervision results in a level of quality and performance that is difficult to achieve in a large organization.

Plan, Plan, and Plan:

Whether building-to-print or working from the customer’s conceptual hand sketches, we take the time to think out the result before cutting and fitting the materials. Fixturing and jigging are the rule rather than the exception. We obtain high quality results the first time – not after rework.

Meet Delivery Dates:

In its first year of operations, Biofab delivered over 75 major pieces of custom fabricated equipment valued at over two million dollars. Over eighty percent of those deliveries were ready in advance of the customer’s original required dates. The level of attention to the customer’s delivery requirements is one important element that sets Biofab apart from other fabricators. This record of delivery performance has been sustained continuously over more than a decade of service to our many customers.

Make Commitments You Can Keep:

Our entire staff recognizes that the customer’s ultimate need is to receive a quality product on the date it is required. We strive to develop realistic schedules before we commit to a project. Biofab has passed on significant projects when we could not commit to the required delivery. Over the years, this has served our customer’s well as they have confidence that a delivery commitment from Biofab is something they can count on.

As General Manager of Biofab Products since its inception, I am proud of the relationships that we have developed with our customers and the value that we have helped to build in their businesses. We look forward to pursuing this opportunity with you. Please contact me at your convenience to schedule a visit or to obtain a proposal for your current or future needs.


Dennis Barnhart